Notorious Cops from Zeist, Netherlands, Cover Up Scams, Extortion, Forced Marriage, and an Honor Killing, While Colleagues, Friendly Journalists, and Judges Compliment Them and Supervisors Look Away

Since the body of the murdered Ryan al Najjar (18) was found in Lelystad, the investigation will be conducted by the Public Prosecution Service for Central Netherlands. However, the Central Netherlands Public Prosecution Service has a very poor reputation when it comes to handling honor-related murders within the Islamic community. It is not uncommon for officers, lawyers, and prosecutors in these cases to stage a charade, fabricating stories that the murder had nothing to do with Islam. The oversight by the Inspectorate of Justice and Security on officers who cover up Islamic honor killings is inadequate.

In the coalition agreement between the political parties PVV, VVD, NSC, and BBB, it has been decided that authorities must handle honor-related crimes 'politically neutral.' In the past, such as in the case of the murder of Narges Achikzei (23), authorities lied with impunity to the public and judges about Islamic honor-related violence, and the honest whistleblower who pointed out human rights violations was shamelessly prosecuted and convicted by judges.

Due to the very poor reputation of the Central Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, we have insisted that the investigation into the murder of Ryan al Najjar be transferred to the Northern Netherlands Public Prosecution Service.

For those unaware of how poorly authorities handle obstruction of forced marriages, below is a timeline of the murder of the beautiful Afghan student Narges Achikzei. Narges Achikzei was doused with gasoline and set on fire by a sister of a friend of her fiancé two weeks before her forced marriage, very likely because she obstructed the forced marriage, wanting to marry a man of her own choice as she was in love with a Dutch man.
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